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It may seem strange to you but under the rules that govern European grants, ocean cleanup research by Bluebird Marine Systems (BMS) does not qualify for support for their part in the Cleaner Oceans Project, A Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd (COCL) initiative.


Nor do BMS qualify for charitable donations directly, even where their work is for the greater health of the ocean, because they are not a charity - but potentially a trading company. Broadly speaking, academic institutions soak up most of the money that is made available for social enterprises such SeaVax. Companies that do not have an existing business arm to support high-risk research do not get a look in.



Monika modelling SeaVax T shirt with the proof of concept model


PLEASE HELP US - From January of 2016, you can help us to make this project happen by joining the Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd (COCL). Members of the COCL will receive a Certificate, inclusion on our list of supporters,* and depending on their level of membership, other benefits - all the way up to naming rights and invitations to events - the most important of which will be the launch of the 'Manta Ray' prototype vessel. The proof of concept model is seen in the picture above.





That leaves the COCL to do their best to raise the funds that research organisations like BMS need to continue operating. It is the lack of governmental commitment that is stopping SeaVax (for example) from getting underway.


Whereas, the potential benefits to mankind from such projects in terms of ocean cleanup is enormous. The recommendations of the likes of the Global Ocean Commission is to do nothing about the 5 plastic gyres, save ask people to be more careful about disposal. (Proposal 5) By contrast the COCL is looking for ways to extract plastic from the vast ocean soups, to recycle that waste.


The Cleaner Oceans Club Ltd (company number 4674774) is a not for profit organization with charitable objects. The COCL is looking to raise funds by:-


1. Offering goodies and other rewards in exchange for donations and/or sponsorship from responsible corporations. We are preparing to support the Cleaner Oceans Project by appealing to the public and the business world for any help they can offer.


2. Organizing cultural events to raise awareness of the issues, and as fund raisers, that will enable the COCL to support much needed research into ways to clean up non bio-degradable pollution from the high seas.




AQUACULTURE - What is the most climate friendly way of feeding the world? Is is agriculture or aquaculture. Where do wild fish fit into the equation? SeaVax is a possible solution to cleaner oceans to help natural fish stocks recover.




EMPOWERING WOMEN - Equality eludes women in much of the developing world. You can help raise awareness of the appalling way that women are treated in some societies and ocean pollution by entering the Miss Ocean beauty contest in 2017. Beauty will always conquer the Beast. "Beautiful thinking for a beautiful world," is our motto. This is a pageant with a purpose, not a general hope for world peace. Rather, an event aimed at cleaning up the sea, spearheaded by a 'Queen of the Ocean.'






PROJECT GOODIES - Coming soon from 2017, a range of quality souvenirs in support of the SeaVax project. The range will include a limited edition of pens, mouse mats, mugs, sport caps and T-shirts. By purchasing any of the official project souvenirs you will be a part of the Cleaner Oceans Project. You can help us to make a difference. The environmental 'not for profit' company, Cleaner Ocean Club Ltd, is supporting the SeaVax initiative.






T SHIRTS - Coming soon for 2016, an improved range of clothing will include a range of T shirts in various colors with the new SeaVax and Miss Ocean™ logos. The shirts above also feature our blue bird and bluebird trademarks, a symbol of peace and happiness in many countries around the world.




SPORTS CAPS - Coming soon for 2016, an improved range of clothing will include an embroidered sports cap with the new SeaVax (ocean cleanup supporters) logo and a more graphic printed version. The cap shown above (left) features our blue bird trademark, as worn by our electric vehicle technicians in the workshops and at events. The cap on the right is for supporters of the ocean cleanup project.


Cleaner oceans supporters mouse mat      Car or van window cleaner oceans supporters decal, large


MOUSE MAT - Coming soon for 2016, a mouse mat similar to that shown above will feature the SeaVax (ocean cleanup supporters) wording.  CAR WINDOW DECAL - Coming soon for the Summer of 2015, a large (49 x 32.1 cm) translucent (side) window decal for the inside of your car, van or tour bus. (Please note that these are not suitable for rear windows, but that an exterior version may be applied to large panels)



Cleaner Ocean Club supporters will be able to purchase individual items. The money raised from these initiatives will go towards the cost of attending events and lobbying for a change in policies aimed at reducing single use plastic - and educating local authorities as to the various ways of cutting down on the plastic that flows from rivers in their area, into the sea.


Crowd and Corporate investors will receive special packages commensurate with the level of support they choose to offer. The ultimate package will include the name of the investor, company or group on the hull of the full size prototype SeaVax vessel, or on clothing worn by Miss Ocean - to include naming rights (or even choice) of the figurehead - which at the moment could be either a manta ray, whale or dolphin carving. Opportunities exist at the moment for a prime sponsor, or a consortium of sponsors to name the vessel, with media opportunities that will flow from the build stages and launch of the ship - to include a naming ceremony.       * Supporters can elect to remain anonymous.



SeaVax supporters mug - for fabulous toxin free fish  Miss Ocean beauty contest limited edition mug


MUGS - Coming soon for 2016, an improved range of mugs will feature the new SeaVax (ocean cleanup supporters) logo. The mug shown above was a limited edition to celebrate IP milestone acquisition, and features the early blue bird trademark. The mug below is a limited edition to be part of a supporters pack. Cheers.



We'll drink to that.












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