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Miss Ocean 2016 water sports pageant


JOIN IN - From January of 2016 we will be helping Cleaner Ocean Club Ltd prepare for this contest - now to be held in 2017 - to find the woman on our planet who cares most about the ocean and preserving marine life, to include seabirds and polar bears. There are of course millions of women who care about the ocean, because as our (future) mothers they care about anything and everything that will affect the lives of their children on mother earth.



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WELCOME - to the Miss Ocean contest. This was to have been a new pageant for 2016 aimed at drawing attention to the pollution that is ruining the oceans of mother earth - and to help raise funds for researching a cure. Unfortunately, we only secured one sponsor in 2016, sufficient to cover the prize money and crown. So, rather than struggle to stage an event on a very low budget, the organizers have decided to postpone the event until 2017. Please visit the official Miss Ocean website for the latest information.


The idea of the competition is that a small number of well presented women might carry a message to the voting public more effectively than thousands of scientists in white coats.


PROMOTING SPORTS & A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - The onus is on a healthy planet and healthy lifestyles. Prowess in the water is a major point scorer. We do not expect Olympic performances, just a willingness to compete. Life saving skills are as important as canoeing (for example) or swimming ability. There is also a talent section where other skills may be introduced.


PAGEANT WITH A PURPOSE - There have been a number of "ocean" contests around the world, hoping to draw attention to plastic waste and more. These (many) well known beauty pageants do not have a specific goal as the reason for their being. Whereas, 'Miss Ocean,' as the name implies, is aimed at looking after our oceans. We are not the first contest with those general aims, but we are the first contest in support of the research necessary for the proposed ocean cleaning ships called SeaVax. SeaVax ships can filter plastic waste from seawater. In sufficient numbers Seavax machines could make significant inroads into cleaning up the 5 gyres in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans - and might prevent a 6th forming in the Arctic Ocean. We both recognize and applaud the work of beauty pageants with similar aims, many of which we feature on this or other websites.


Miss Ocean is to be a balanced contest where the onus is on intellect, achievement in sport, the arts and creative talent - not just physical appearance and majority points for that one aspect. We aim to achieve a progressive event for an enlightened world facing contemporary challenges. There will be no swimsuit parade, but a focus on healthy water-sport related activities - in a unique format that is designed to broaden horizons.





WOMAN POWER - It is hoped that the Miss Ocean pageant will help to empower women all over the world, giving them the opportunity to say what needs to be done in a way that cannot be ignored. In developed nations women are already reaping the rewards of equality, so too their men, though there are still many skirmishes to fight. In developing nations, attitudes are not as advanced. In a modern world men and women are equals, save where obvious biological limitations apply. E.g. a man cannot give birth or breastfeed. In developed countries women are respected by their male counterparts as equals in the workplace, politics and in the home. That is a target for the rest of the world to aspire to, and that is a message that Miss Ocean might convey as a gift from those more fortunate to those in need.


POLLUTION FUND RAISER - Pollution comes in many forms. Each time you start the engine of your car, you are creating carbon-monoxide, carbon-dioxide, nitrogen-oxide and soot. These exhaust fumes cause global warming and contribute to acid oceans. Coal fired power stations belch out millions of tons of CO2 in generating power for our homes and factories. Pollution is also the chemicals from factories that flow down our rivers into the sea, and plastics - mainly single use packaging for food and other goods.


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Empowered women want beautiful oceans for their families and to permeate beautiful thinking at all levels of administration. Empowered women do not want seabirds, fish or mammals to be killed by plastics, that is far from beautiful. But, thinking that to yourself will help to bring about the changes that our politicians need to make to save our oceans and create a sustainable economy; a Circular Economy. Telling people why they should care using the exposure of a beauty pageant, will make a difference. Sharing information of the beast we need to tame, will change attitudes.


COMPETITION FORMAT - TBA. There will be a set of questions that each contestant will be asked to answer. These are not trick questions, but more general knowledge of climate change and pollution issues. The questions will be published in sufficient time for revision. There will be no right and wrong answers, just let your personality shine through. The competition is likely to be televised, though, ticket purchasing members of the public will get to see the event stages before any TV series, plus, they will enjoy other privileges.


COMPETITION JUDGING - TBA. A panel of at least three judges will be invited look and listen to the contestants and award points according to a published criteria. Sporting events may also be timed.


COMPETITION VENUE - We cannot yet give you the details of the venue, but we can say that we are presently scouting locations and that the geographical location is likely to be on the south coast of England. 



Monika swimming with Dolphins in Egypt


SWIMMING - Entries to Miss Ocean will need to be able to demonstrate their ability in the water. This could be a swimming or diving qualification, or life saving award. But, don't worry if you have no paper qualification, you can always show us that you can swim in one of the water sport competitions, and we'll certify that for you with a separate award. 


MISS OCEAN 'T' SHIRTS and MUGS - To be introduced from April 2016, a special edition 'T' Shirt for Miss Ocean entrants and supporters (not that shown above). Other fashion clothing, sporting goods, trainers and even jewellery could also be on the agenda.



  Monika modelling SeaVax T shirt with the proof of concept model


MISS OCEAN 2015 - Monika will be pleased to pass her honorary title to the winner of our competition as and when that event takes place.



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