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TRAVEL & ADVENTURE - The Clean Ocean Project expedition catamaran - Perhaps you’ve dreamed of becoming a research scientist working on a deserted beach saving the planet? If your dreams include traveling aboard a luxurious private sailing yacht to these exotic locations with your own personal captain and crew - you could be in luck.


“One Beach at a Time” is booking cruises to your dream port-of-call. Your customized itinerary suits your personal travel goals and our project needs. Trips utilize late model charter catamarans with 3 private double cabins for discerning adventure travelers. Field research activities start your days with time later for surfing, sailing, or diving. Voyage costs are dependent upon destination, duration and individual itinerary. A portion of your charter fee is tax deductible. Charters are booked on a ‘per boat’ basis up to 6 passengers.


These expeditions offer a rare opportunity to assist in field research in destinations off the beaten path. Guests help us refine techniques and equipment for monitoring and removing plastic pollution from isolated environments establishing relationships with local inhabitants conducting surveys and educating their communities about plastic pollution and the value of environmental stewardship. Evenings involve a mix of classes, entertainment and preparation for our guests educational presentations to the communities we visit and upon your return home.




TCOP was founded in 2008 to address marine plastic pollution plaguing the world’s oceans and beaches. They claim to have developed an economically and environmentally sustainable method for removing and recycling plastic pollution and they want you to get involved.




The world's oceans are polluted with millions of tonnes of plastic. We know that polluted waterways are a major source of marine plastic. As rainwater washes into gutters and storm drains, it carries with it what humans have left behind. In addition to discarded trash there is a dangerous cocktail of chemicals spilling into our oceans; petroleum products from our cars, pesticides and fertilizers from agriculture, manure from stockyards and human waste and pharmaceutical residue from overloaded sewage systems.
[See UN report]

Among the many chemical and biological toxins found floating in the ocean, scientists have identified a number of particularly harmful compounds called “persistent organic pollutants” or POPs, and exposure can cause disruption of the endocrine, reproductive, and immune systems.

Floating plastics attract POPs from surrounding water like a magnet and accumulate and transport them around the globe in levels up to a million times higher than in surrounding sea water. These are known to be harmful to animals and humans when ingested.

Plastic pollution could reach food consumed by humans. There is growing evidence that toxins associated with plastic in the gyre are responsible for human health problems such as cancers, brain, reproductive and cardiovascular damage.

Plastic reaches the oceans mostly from land through rivers and waterways, and then accumulates in five areas of high concentration, called oceanic gyres. Plastic pollution costs governments, companies and individuals millions of dollars in damages per year, due to loss in tourism, vessel damages and (inefficient) beach clean-ups.

Not only do such 'garbage patches' directly kill millions of aquatic animals annually. They also spread harmful algae and other invasive species, and serves as a transport medium for pollutants (including PCBs and DDT), which accumulate in the food chain.




EXPEDITION LEADER - Captain Jim “Homer” Holm has been Coast Guard licensed since 1979. He has seen many corners of the planet by sea. His first love is sail training and education, especially aboard “Tallship” style traditional sailing craft.

Captain Holm has created curricula for acclaimed marine education programs in his home waters of the Monterey Bay in California that have enabled over 70,000 students and adults to learn more about what the ocean means to their lives. Homer is also the cofounder and Executive Director for The Clean Oceans Project working to eliminate plastic pollution from the oceans. Nice one Jim!




To eliminate plastic pollution through research, education and direct action.

The Clean Oceans Project (TCOP) is a 501c3 non-profit in Santa Cruz, California with a vision of an ocean free of plastic pollution. Our practical solution to plastic pollution assesses plastic debris concentrations, removes it from the environment with minimal impact and processes it into fuel to run the operation. Demonstration of plastic to fuel conversion provides a financial motivation to manage plastic as a valuable resource rather than discard it as a toxic nuisance.





PROJECT GOODIES - We like the artwork on the back of the project T shirt. Hats are also available to show your support for this worthwhile project.





Integrate new technologies with traditional skills to identify the qualities, quantities and boundaries of plastic marine pollution and employ environmentally sensitive techniques to remove it from the environment and recycle it while providing incentive for increased stewardship of plastic waste.





Airbourne Technologies


Airborne Technologies Incorporated


Airborne Technologies Incorporated has been developing innovative remote sensing and survey solutions for over twenty years. ATI is dedicated to providing the military and scientific communities with flexible and affordable unmanned aircraft, autopilots, and related systems. ATI also provides consulting and training services to UAS developers.


Blest plastic to oil conversion




BLEST company in Japan invented and sells machines that turn plastics back into oil using a simple, quick and clean process. These machines can be small enough to fit on a table at home.



Coast Law Group LLP


Coast Law Group is a community-conscious law firm providing innovative solutions and practical advice to assist clients in achieving their personal goals and business objectives. From the individual to the small business, from the non-profit to the Fortune 500 company, CLG delivers uncompromised legal representation founded upon core values of integrity, efficiency, and aggressive advocacy.


 E N ergy




Kelly Finan art and design


Kelly Finan


Kelly obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a minor in studio art from Juniata College. Many of her life experiences involve scientific research, the visual arts, or a combination thereof. As a recent graduated of the science illustration program at U.C. Extension Santa Cruz, Kelly is uniting her passions in science and art in hopes of using them to spread scientific knowledge. Her work-related travels have included Yosemite National Park, CA; Homer, AK; and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.


Lighthouse Bank


Lighthouse Bank


Lighthouse Bank is locally owned and operated in Santa Cruz County. We strive to provide superior personalized financial services to the members of the Santa Cruz community.






Although all contributions are highly appreciated, the team owe a special thanks to:




Betty Cowan
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Greg and Karleen Turnbull
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Liz Smith
Margarita Daly and her 4th grade art class at Fogelsville Elementary, Breinigsville, PA
The Pillsbury Foundation
Richard Scott





The Clean Oceans Project thanked these friends and local businesses for their donations to their April 2011 fundraiser ‘Race Night at Seymour Downs’. Without their generous support they could not have had such a successful event! TCOP encourages you to SHOP LOCAL and patronize these fine businesses whenever you can.


Absolute Auto Glass
Adventure Out
Amsterdam Bicycles
Annie Glass
Aptos Martial Arts Academy
Ari Symons
Art by Amadeo Bachar
Art by Andrew Ward
Art by David Kimball Anderson
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Firefish Grill
Glaumm Egg Ranch

Green Cell Foam
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Haut Surf Shop
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Katwalk Salon
Kayak Connection
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Pacific Edge Climbing Gym
Penny Ice Creamery
Photography by Jo Ann Manolis
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Photography by Peggy Stap
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Zachary’s Restaurant
Zelda Jewelry by Zelda Tallman
Zen Trading Company
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The Clean Oceans Project
333 Lake Avenue, Suite D
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Phone: 831.476.TCOP (8267)







PATENT PENDING - A non-polluting vessel such as the Bluefish ZCC concept could be an ideal base machine when it comes to filtering garbage from the world's ocean gyres. Several of these cleaners operating as Atlantic, Indian and Pacific ocean fleets could make such conservation measures cost effective, and even potentially attractive to governments around the world - for the health of the world. Recovered plastic could be processed to produce oil, energy or recycled products. Better than letting fish and seabirds eat the waste and kill themselves, and who knows how that may affect us, where seafood is an essential resource for mankind. Click on the picture above to read more >>>>>>











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