Underwater unmanned vessels and remotely operated drones are changing the way  navies work




The MSubs design team stretches over 20 years' experience in mechanical engineering, composites, electrical, electronic and software design.


They produce a range of large scale unmanned underwater, surface and hybrid vehicles, including the world's largest unmanned sea-going submarine, MASTT, which completed hundreds of hours of operation, involving stringent US Navy tests.

The MSubs Command, Control and Mission Management (CCMM) system is common to all their unmanned vehicles. The powerful modular architecture of this system may be tailored to individual vehicle configurations.





S201 is an 8.9 tonne vehicle intended for 48hr operation at depths up to 305m. This project is an example of our rapid prototyping capabilities. From outline specification to launch took just 14 months. Dived performance is maximised by attention to streamlining of the outer hull and by the use of advanced motor technology to directly drive the main propeller. Surface running is possible with one crewmember on deck and hatch closed, at speeds up to 6kn in modest sea states, but the vessel's primary mode of deployment is by crane-in.






The 'Mobile Undersea Systems Test Laboratory' (MUSTL) was built by Lockheed Martin in the 1980s to conduct scientific research underwater. She operated for a few years then was decommissioned and parked in a 'boneyard', where Msubs discovered her. MSubs performed a rapid refit of the vessel in 2012 replacing the electrical system and restoring the hull and systems in a 3 month period. MUST then underwent sea trials from Plymouth Sound, followed by her first commercial operation. She is available for Hire. She is capable of, but not limited to the following uses:

1. Survey work with your choice of sensors.
2. Carrying equipment too large for conventional UUVs, cheaper than a manned submersible.



Registered Office:

M SUBS LIMITED (05874602)


Private Limited Company
(SIC): 32990 - Other manufacturing

Business Development director: Brett Phaneuf

Telephone:  +44(0)1752 696069
Fax:  +44(0)1752 696510
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MASTT - the worlds largest UUV at 24m and 64 tonnes








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Dragonflly autonomous hydrographic robot survey ship



UUV countermeasures - autonomous hunter killer? The SNAV platform uses an advanced SWASSH hull as the ideal vessel for persistent surveillance and if necessary destruction of the growing number of UUVs as may present a threat to security.





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