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Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd is a startup SME developing IP rights, marine designs, and automotive know how, for licensing and knowledge transfer to customers internationally




BLUEBIRD MARINE SYSTEMS LTD (BMS) is a think tank for new technology. Our company identifies and anticipates future technology developments, then conducts studies into the viability of such technology as replacements to existing technology. The theme for potential investment in emerging technology is sustainability and affordable staged transitions.




We are a privately owned (we need to protect the identity of our contributors and commercial stakeholders - so please respect that) company that is developing an intellectual property portfolio from the most promising innovations that we identify, consisting of:


1. Patent marine technology (Zero Carbon=ZC) (boat & ship designs) and the licensing of that technology, trademarks and know-how to customers internationally.

2. Patent vehicle technology (Smart Cities ev infrastructure for cars & commercial vehicles) and the licensing or franchising of that technology.


The privacy aspect evaporates with transition to plc status in the UK, though we may obviate the need for that stage with companies in other countries with suitable partners for specific projects, such as not-for-profit ocean cleansing.




BMS is available for consultation on strategies for governments and corporations in connection with such intellectual property. This service may help organizations to plan for the immediate and long-term future in economic, social and sustainable terms.




In association with academic and other (charitable) organisations, BMS has pledged to assist in the development of ocean going vessels to tackle the growing problem of plastic waste, by contributing specialist know-how and design expertise. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION



Avaaz 45,809 donations at 14-3-16 10-35 GMT


Donations to SeaVax and other projects March 14 2016 10:35 GMT. Please note that our not-for-profit arm does not receive all of the monies raised by this Avaaz funding campaign, but will receive a generous grant. We hope that you will be able to donate to the SeaNet project directly in the coming months.


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Website traffic to April 2016, reflecting the increase in visits as a result of the Avaaz fund raising campaign where 50,000 people around the world gave generously. Thank you to all supporters of ocean cleaning. We hope to use this boost to speed up development.



Website traffic March 11 2016, reflecting the huge increase in visits as a result of the Avaaz fund raising campaign.



Website development and traffic from March 2015 to January 2016. This shows a reliable upward trend reflecting SeaVax development, media (including social) mention and another robotic project.



Website development and traffic from August to September 2015. The rapid acceleration in growth stemming from the Ecostar project has now leveled off as our efforts have swung more to ocean plastic and the SeaVax plastic cleanup project - proving that cars are more interesting to the surfing public than clean seas.


Website statistics from April 2014 to February 2015


Website development and traffic from April 2014 to February 2015, demonstrating strong growth in popularity - for the most part centered about and driven by current project pictures and pages, in this case the Ecostar DC50.




Website development and traffic from May 2014 to April 2015, demonstrating strong growth in popularity - driven by current project pages, in this case the SeaVax cleaner oceans project.



Website hits/visits from July 2014 to May 2015, showing a continuing trend. Our social media hope that with visitors spreading the news of the work that we do, that our website will become a popular reference stop.





Developing ships that can deliver goods around the world without polluting the planet is now a goal that the United Nations and IMO are not only supportive of, but actively encouraging innovative solutions. Zero carbon marine is now a commercial reality. Investors are invited to help us exploit the potential for such high performance technology. 




BMS advises on the development of robots, specializing in chassis design and speed of operation. See our suggestion for an all-terrain hexapod based robot that (theoretically) can run as fast as a human. We have been asked to look at a humanoid form once this project is complete. We hasten to add, that projects like these may only progress in our lull periods.




We respect the privacy of visitors to our site(s). We may use maps API(s) in accordance with and by by reference to the Google privacy policy, a link to which is included here: by way of compliance with those terms an conditions which may change from time to time - and which you can view for yourself here:




BMS is an equal opportunities employer. In line with many enlightened businesses, we discourage discrimination on any ground, in compliance with Article 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights. The civil service is an example of an administration that actively discriminates against employing socially disadvantaged persons. We offer any person the chance to grow, based on their skills, abilities and dedication.



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Date of Acquisition: 06/02/2013
Company Type: Private limited with share capital
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC): 72190 - Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering



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PLEASE NOTE:  BMS is a company dedicated to the sustainable development of mankind. BMS has no intention of bidding for military contracts or otherwise seeking to get involved in the arms industry - other than to suggest by lobbying that all navies think about reducing their carbon footprint.









"According to recognized aerotechnical tests, the bumblebee cannot fly because of the shape and weight of his body in relation to the total wing area. BUT, the bumblebee doesn't know this,
so he goes ahead and flies anyway."


This curious scientific anecdote underscores the approach we at Bluebird Marine Systems take when facing a challenge; we become bumblebees. We first of all believe a task can be done and just look for how to do it. Because, if you believe something cannot be done, then you will never find a solution, because you cannot conceive that there is one, making it pointless to look. We are reminded of this story because we have a colony of bumble bees in our courtyard. They do not bother us and we enjoy watching them defy the laws of physics. Call it inspiration if you will.





BUMBLEBEES CAN'T FLY - Magnan refers to his assistant André Sainte-Laguë. Some credit physicist Ludwig Prandtl (1875–1953) of the University of Göttingen in Germany with popularizing the idea. Others say Swiss gas dynamicist Jacob Ackeret (1898–1981) did the calculations. Howsoever it came about, it is plain that you should not entrust the creative spark to theoreticians. They'll scupper you before you begin with a barrage of negatives. Worse still, these scientific glory seekers will put off investors, who, tend to believe these highly qualified party poopers - because investment depends on qualified support. For this reason we would rather show than tell. We'll let the theoreticians tell you we've achieved (or are trying to achieve) the impossible - and maybe generate another amusing scientific anecdote for future generations.



The earliest reference to the above quote is in a 1934 book: "Le Vol des Insectes" by French entomologist Antoine Magnan (1881–1938). The following passage appears in the introduction:


"Tout d'abord poussé par ce qui se fait en aviation, j'ai appliqué aux insectes les lois de la résistance de l'air, et je suis arrivé avec M. Sainte-Laguë à cette conclusion que leur vol est impossible."


This translates to:


"First prompted by what is done in aviation, I applied the laws of air resistance to insects, and I arrived, with Mr. Sainte-Laguë, at this conclusion that their flight is impossible."





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