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The Royal Australian Navy leads the fight against pirate whalers in the Pacific

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Since its inception in 2000, the biennial Pacific International Maritime Exposition has continued to expand. The number of commercial maritime and naval defence industry participants from around the world has grown substantially.

As the only comprehensive international exhibition of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, PACIFIC2013 will again provide the ideal showcase for commercial maritime and naval defence industries to promote their capabilities to decision makers from around the world.

Held in the heart of Sydney and on the shores of one of the world's most beautiful harbours, PACIFIC2013 will be the eighth in the series and builds on the highly successful biennial events held in Sydney since 2000.

PACIFIC2013 will be held in conjunction with the 'International Fleet Review' which will be commemorating the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney.





Maritime Australia limited focuses on the development of Australia's industrial, manufacturing and information/communications technology resources in the commercial maritime and naval defence fields.

It is also a member of the not-for-profit group headed by Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia Limited.

The principal activity of Maritime Australia Limited is the conduct of the biennial Pacific International Maritime Exposition as well as support for the congress of conferences, seminars and symposia conducted in conjunction with it.

Since its inception in 2000, the Pacific International Maritime Exposition has become the most comprehensive commercial maritime and naval defence industry event in the Asia pacific region.

Maritime Australia Limited works closely with the Royal Australian Navy, not-for-profit industry groups and professional associations as major stakeholders in the conduct of the event.

In addition to its international industry exhibition, Pacific features the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference conducted by the Navy's Sea Power Centre - Australia and the Pacific International Maritime Conference staged by Engineers Australia, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and The Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

The Chairman of Maritime Australia Limited is Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie, AO RANR and its other Board Members are Paul Johnson MBE, Michael Roche, Ian Smith and Ian Honnery (Chief Executive).


PACIFIC2013 International Maritime Exposition is a division of Maritime Australia Limited (ABN 31 091 148 837)


VADM Chris Ritchie AO, RAN (Ret’d) - Chairman

Mr Ian Honnery - Board Member and Chief Executive

Mr Paul Johnson MBE - Board Member

Mr Michael Roche - Board Member

Mr Ian Smith - Board Member

Mr Achim Drescher - Board Member







MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 8 OCTOBER 2013 - Sentient awarded MA's Civil SME Innovation Grant


Sentient has been recognised today at the Maritime Australia Limited Innovation Awards, taking home the Civil SME Innovation Grant - 2013 for its pioneering work in the field of automated object detection in the maritime environment.

Awarded for the first time at Pacific 2013 International Maritime Exposition, the innovation grant recognises and rewards the efforts and achievements of small and medium Australian enterprises in the commercial maritime industry. Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO, RANR, chairman of Maritime Australia Limited, congratulated Sentient on its Kestrel Maritime solution and presented the company with a cheque for $10,000.

“We are very honoured to receive this innovation award. The maritime environment is very challenging for aerial surveillance. The constantly changing surface of the sea makes detection and tracking of small objects very difficult for both humans and automated analysis systems”, said Dr Paul Boxer, Managing Director of Sentient.

“With Kestrel Maritime, we have developed a software solution that automates the detection of small objects on the surface of the ocean. Taking into account environmental effects such as whitecaps, clouds and sun glare, the software reliably detects small objects including those with low electronic signatures such as wooden boats or people in the water”, Dr Boxer explained.

Kestrel Maritime is a software solution that processes electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) full motion video from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. Operating in real-time, the software is capable not only to detect small objects, but also high visibility objects such as life jackets whilst searching wide maritime areas. It assists operators with visual and audio cues, alerting them to the object location at the earliest opportunity.

“Being able to locate small boats or people in the water, under difficult conditions, in a short period of time, saves lives”, said Dr Boxer.

Kestrel Maritime supports a wide range of maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) patrol and search and rescue (SAR) missions. It is currently in use with organisations in Australia, USA and Canada.




Sea Power Conference

7-9 October

Auditorium Please Contact Organiser
Pacific 2013 International Maritime Conference (IMC) 7-9 October Parkside 110A and 110B – Please Contact Organiser To register and for more information including the current program for the IMC Conference please refer to the website -
2013 - Unmanned Systems Maritime Applications – Navy Rules! Tuesday 8 October
Conference Room G03 Please Contact Organiser

To register and for more information please refer to the website – or contact the Executive Director, Ms Peggy MacTavish –

AAUS is proud to be hosting its second conference event in conjunction with Pacific 2013 and the RAN’s 100th Anniversary. Liberal Senator for South Australia, the Hon David Fawcett will open the exciting one-day event. The event will bring together influential international representatives from Defence, Industry, and Academia for specialist discussions on maritime unmanned systems applications. A preliminary conference program will be made available in the coming weeks.

Advanced Biofuels Industry Day

Tuesday 8 October 2013 Hall 3 Auditorium
National Maritime Museum
Invitation Only Dr Susan Pond,
US Studies Centre, University of Sydney
Tel: 0414 556 847

DIIC/Enterprise Connect SME Workshop

Wednesday 9 October – 07.30-09.00 Conference Room G01 Free to registered Trade Visitors Maritime Australia Limited –
Gregor Ferguson Tel: 0414 803 717 or email:
Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program Information Session Wednesday
9 October
Conference Room G02 Free Places are limited. Potential attendees are asked to register their interest with the DMO at:
The DMO is holding an information session for Australian companies on the Global Supply Chain Program. The Program identifies opportunities for Australian companies in the global supply chain of multinational defence companies and should be of particular interest to those companies who are already competing for and winning work internationally. Following the presentations there will be an opportunity for companies to meet with the GSC Prime representatives.
Global Supply Chain Program Wednesday
9 October
Conference Room G02 Invitation Only Ms Samantha Peel

Heli Pac 13 – Offshore Helicopter Operations Symposium

8 October – 09.00-17.00 Conference Room G04 Free - Please Contact Organiser

Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) – Mr Rob Rich, AHIA Events Coordinator
PO Box 1796
CARINDALE QLD 4152 Australia
Tel: 0415 641 774

This Symposium will address a range of issues bearing on offshore helicopter operations around Australia: commercial developments in the helicopter industry; emerging technologies for offshore operations; Indo-Pacific fleet updates; and the impact of new CASA legislation on human resources and costs of upgrading to new standards.

In addition to our focus on off-shore operations in the north of Australia, we will invite speakers to update us on the new IFR and co-pilot rules from CASA – effective at the end of this year. Will this create shortages?

The host of this Seminar will be Peter Crook, President of the AHIA. Event organiser and Chairperson is Rob Rich, Secretary, AHIA. For further information please go to: and

IndPac 2013 – "The Phantom Menace – International Responses to Piracy"

7 October – 09.00-14.00 Conference Room G01 Please Contact Organiser Dr Alexey Muraviev,
Curtin University
Tel: 08 9266 2234
This inaugural IndPac seminar will address the methods adopted by the international community, both individually and collectively, to the persistent problem of Piracy, both in the archipelagic waters of south-east Asia and off the Horn of Africa.

Maritime Australia Limited – Industry Innovation Awards Presentation

Tuesday 8 October –
Hall 3 Function Room    Maritime Australia Limited –
Gregor Ferguson Tel: 0414 803 717 or email:
The Chairman of Maritime Australia Limited will present the inaugural Maritime Australia Limited Industry Innovation Awards, SME Grants and Young Innovator Scholarships to the six smartest and most innovative companies and individuals in Australia's naval and maritime industries.

PacShip 2013 – Shipping and Export Leaders' Summit

Tuesday 8 October – 09.00-13.00 Conference Room G01

Invitation Only

Maritime Australia Limited –
Gregor Ferguson Tel: 0414 803 717 or email:

Organised by Maritime Australia Limited in partnership with Shipping Australia Limited and the Export Council of Australia, this Summit will be a small, exclusive gathering of CEOs and senior officials from the shipping industry and its various clients – the major exporters and importers of wine, beef, iron ore, coal, oil & gas, and other commodities. It will be chaired by Mr Ken Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Shipping Australia Limited, and its theme will be "Exports and Imports Downunder – the Role of the Maritime Sector". The intent is to look at the likely needs of the shipping and export industries (including the logistics sector) over the next 50 years or so and the challenges involved in meeting them.

The Transport Minister of the day has been invited to deliver an opening keynote address at the Summit.

Ports and the Environment - Environmental Issues Affecting the Maritime Industry Tuesday 8 October 14.00-17.00   Please Contact Organiser Mr Richard Griffiths,
Australian Association for Maritime Affairs (AAMA)
Tel: 02 6248 9609
Conducted by Maritime Australia Limited in partnership with The Australian Association of Maritime Affairs (AAMA) and Ports Australia.

RPDE Biannual Participants' meeting

Wednesday 9 October – 13.00-17.00 Conference Room G04 Invitation Only

Mr Ken Snell
RPDE Engagement  Manager
Rapid Prototyping, Development & Evaluation (RPDE) Program
Tel: 02 6127 4900

The RPDE Mission is to accelerate and enhance Australian Defence Force (ADF) war-fighting capability through innovation and collaboration RPDE is a unique collaboration between Defence, industry and academia, bringing together the best and brightest from across the defence industry spectrum. When these forces join in a neutral, non-competitive environment, knowing that intellectual property and commercial interests are protected, the results are formidable. The RPDE Biennial Meeting of Participants (BMP) is a regular gathering and an opportunity for potential participants to engage with the program.
SEA 1000 - Australia's new submarines Wednesday 9 October – 08.00-09.30 Conference Room G04 Free to registered Trade Visitors

Ms Lara de Masson,
Office of the General Manager Submarines,
Defence Materiel Organisation

US Comparative Technology Office ( CTO ) Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program Information Session Monday
7 October
09:15 -10:00
Conference Room G02 Free Places are limited
The CTO is holding an information session for interested companies which will provide an overview of the FCT program and the innovative capabilities or products that are being sought in an increasingly competitive global market. The presentation will be of interest to companies with an innovative and developed product that may confer an advantage over current equipment in use by the US military.

Women's International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) Seminar

Wednesday 9 October - 14.00-17.00 Conference Room G01 Invitation Only

Ms Danella Wilmshurst,
WISTA Australia

WISTA, Australia is the Australian branch of the international WISTA (Women's International Shipping and Trading Association). WISTA is a non profit organisation for women in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. The association links women in the maritime industry.

WISTA, Australia was founded in 2011. The founding executive members are striving hard to create an association that will foster networking and educational opportunities for women in the shipping, trade and related industries.







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Kestrel Marine's Sentient object recognition system

Maritime Australia Limited

Pacific 2013 Awards







Combat ZCC with 40kW wind gens and solar PV for 176kW total energy harvesting


The Combat ZCC with 40kW wind turbines. This is a 50 ton vessel that is elongated, but retaining the same low frontal area as with the merchant Bluefish ZZC platforms above. This battleship can be armed with a potent mix of torpedoes, SAM and Cruise missiles. The total energy harvesting capacity is around 176kW (235hp), giving an Energy Harvested to Displacement ratio (EH/D) of 3.52kW/ton (4.72hp/ton). The vessel is more efficient at collecting energy during darkness, reducing the battery storage needed, hence improving the potential payload. Larger versions of this format could be the emission free cargo ships of the future. The average cruising speed of this vessel will be higher from the longer hull 50m (163ft) hull on the waterline, giving a better speed/length ratio. The OAL is 56M (183ft). The sprint speed of this craft will be in the 20+ knot region - dependent on active hull deployment.


The cost of diesel fuel to operate this ship continuously for a year is approximately: .29gals/hp x 117 x 24 x 365 = $297,226.80 (£183,393.99) In ten years that would be $2.97M (£1.83M). Fuel for thought!  In this calculation we have assumed for the sake of simplicity that the 235 horsepower harvested during the day is split 50/50 for day and night operation. In reality, the wind turbines operate just as well in the dark.




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