BLUEBIRD™ ZCC - Luxury motor/sailor super yacht

The Bluebird ZCC is the world's first luxury zero carbon yacht



Solar Lady in gold


The Bluebird™ ZCC is the world's first blue water yacht to offer true zero carbon cruising under the Bluebird™ search for happiness name. The Bluebird will be a one off bespoke design, built to the highest standards with white leather and gold trim, oak paneling and tasteful diamond and sapphire encrustations in stylish technical and artistic ornamentations. The Bluebird™ yacht will also feature a 2 meter 'Solar Spirit' in gold at the prow of the ship - as the figure head leading the way for your eco adventures.







T.B.A. 2014




All you need to know for now is that no expense will be spared to produce something rather special. The boat shown above is the starting point for our imaginations to go wild.






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