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Consilium Marine Group and Orange Business Services announces today a high-level global cooperation agreement for Maritime Satellite Services. The collaboration combines satellite and maritime experience from Orange with Consilium’s leadership in safety and navigation solutions for the shipping industry.

Consilium Marine Group, a worldwide supplier of marine products and customer services, and Orange Business Services, a leading global integrator of communication solutions, announces today that they have signed a high-level global cooperation agreement.

Consilium will globally market Orange marine VSAT communication solutions through its 34 offices in 19 countries.

Orange Satellite Services includes a VSAT satellite communication system specially developed for marine communications and that integrates vessels into a corporate network enabling access to all business applications as if the vessel is a terrestrial office.

This global cooperation brings together the 40 years of satellite and maritime experience from Orange Business Services with Consilium’s leadership in developing and marketing products and systems for safety and navigation to the shipping industry.

“We look forward to progressing this cooperation agreement, and it will also allow us to develop our systems to their full extent for compliance with the industry’s never-ending enhancement of safety requirements,” said Ove Hansson, president, Consilium AB. “Improved communication for verbal and written conversation and remote diagnostics are only a few features enabling this and that can be made possible by this collaboration.”

Roger Söderberg, Vice President Nordics & Baltics, Orange Business Services, said: “The success of this cooperation agreement will bring more customer value to the respective offers of Consilium and Orange Business Services. Working together, we can provide customers the option of having their products and systems from Consilium integrated into a communications system that provides real-time broadband services to vessels wherever they are. Through this solution, Consilium products and systems can be managed from the shore which can lead to decreased operational costs, such as saving fuel thanks to ECDIS.”

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About Consilium

Consilium develops and markets products and systems for safety, automation, environment and navigation. Among the things encompassed by the product program are fire protection, gas detection as well as navigational equipment. Consilium has a global organization with 600 employees, and 34 offices in 19 countries. Products and systems are principally marketed toward shipbuilders and ship-owners as well as toward the oil and gas industry. Consilium also markets its selection to other industries. The goal is to be a competitive supplier within well-defined markets and product areas in which the Group already has reached or can reach world class. The operation has developed positively in recent years with an average volume growth of 24 percent. Visit www.consilium.se

About Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services, the France Telecom-Orange branch dedicated to B2B services, is a leading global integrator of communications solutions for multinational corporations. With the world's largest, seamless network for voice and data, Orange Business Services reaches 220 countries and territories with local support in 166. Offering a comprehensive package of communication services covering cloud computing, enterprise mobility, M2M, security, unified communications, videoconferencing, and broadband, Orange Business Services delivers a best-in-class customer experience across a global landscape. Thousands of enterprise customers and 1.4 million mobile data users rely on an Orange Business Services international platform for communicating and conducting business. Orange Business Services is a four-time winner of Best Global Operator at the World Communication Awards. See  www.orange-business.com

France Telecom-Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with 170,000 employees worldwide and sales of 11.2 billion euros in the first quarter 2011. Orange is the Group's single brand for Internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the company operates. France Telecom (NYSE:FTE) is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A) and on the New York Stock Exchange.





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The Bluefish SNAV platform, presently under development, is designed to be a robotic ocean workhorse. Based on a stable SWASH hull this design is under development in the UK, looking to expand into the US and other maritime countries. This robot ship uses no diesel fuel to monitor the oceans autonomously (COLREGS compliant) at relatively high speed 24/7 and 365 days a year - only possible with the revolutionary (patent) energy harvesting system. The hullform is ideal for automatic release and recovery of ROVs or towed arrays, alternating between drone and fully autonomous modes. International enquiries are welcome.  This vessel pays for itself in fuel saved every ten years. The Bluefish uses satellites to communicate information to its operators.




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