Neil was the PR man working for Bluebird Electric Limited from 1997 to 1999



Neil Carr-Jones came to work for Don Wales and Bluebird Electric Limited in 1997 .....




The world's fastest electric circuit racers will surely be looking for a system to recharge batteries instantly during pit stops. The Ecostar DC50 above incorporates the patent Bluebird™ instant energy transfer system - allowing EV refueling for road cars in around 60 seconds - with a theoretical 10 seconds being possible in a further developed form. Get your free developer License from Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd.  The blue bird legend continues with the first road car to bear the mark. To date only Team Speedace are licensed to use this technology for the Cannonball Jogle event planned for June of 2015. Click on the car drawing to learn more. NOTE: This original vehicle design and/or project, is not connected in any way with either Martin Rees or Don Wales or any of their companies.


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The Bluebird World Cup trophy is for the Cannonball ZEV International series of events set for 2015. These events are free to enter for the enlightenment of politicians and to encourage utilities to install the infrastructure necessary for mass adoption of EVs. Please note: that there is no connection between this BMS commissioned trophy and the trophy proposed for the advertised Rockingham events.






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TDN Lifestyles Bontoft-named-electric-boat-racing-world-record-holder



Police UK False accounting fraud


Rockingham Bluebird

Don Joseph Wales



Dvice 2013 New Bluebird EV with the heart of a Porsche electric sports cars beaulieu - Peterborough Today

Brooklands Museum An evening with Don Wales




Christopher Ward - Motorsport - Spofforths

EV-Charging - Racersdrive

K777 club - Speed Record Club - Bluebird k7




BLUEBIRD C. 1997 - This is the public house where the Bluebird Electric team met after visiting the workshops at Herstmonceux during the build of the BE2. Windmill Hill is a stones throw from the village of Herstmonceux in East Sussex. The BE1 was completed in Herstmonceux, but begun at Filching Manor Motor Museum near Polegate, also in East Sussex.




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