On September 25, 1924 Malcolm Campbell driving the 350 hp Sunbeam Blue Bird set records for the Flying Mile (146.16 m.p.h.) and Flying Kilometre (146.15 m.p.h.) at Pendine Sands, in Wales.

On July 21, 1925 Malcolm Campbell, Sunbeam Blue Bird, at Pendine Sands, broke the records for the Flying Mile (150.76 m.p.h.) and Flying Kilometre (150.86 m.p.h.).

Henry Segrave on March 16, 1926 set the land speed record in his 4 litre Sunbeam Tiger 'Ladybird' on the sands at Southport, England at 152.3 m.p.h. "The mean time for the flying kilometre was 14.6876 seconds equal to 245.11 kilometres per hour, or 152.308 miles per hour." The car suffered supercharger failure during the record run and did not break the mile record.

On 27 April 1926, at Pendine Sands J. G. Parry-Thomas in the Higham-Thomas Special Babs set the Flying Mile record at 168.07 m.p.h. and the Flying Kilometre at 169.29 m.p.h. The following day on April 28, 1926, Parry-Thomas raised the Flying Mile to 170.62 m.p.h. and the Flying Kilometre to 171.01 m.p.h.

On February 4, 1927 Malcolm Campbell set the World Land Speed Record at Pendine Sands covering the Flying Kilometre in a mean average of 174.883 m.p.h. and the Flying Mile in 174.224 m.p.h. on the Napier-Campbell Blue Bird. These also established British records that were to last for many years. The achievement was overshadowed by the death of Parry-Thomas at Pendine Sands on March 3, 1927.

On October 3, 1970 Tony Densham, driving the Ford-powered "Commuter" dragster set a record at Elvington, Yorkshire, averaging 207.6 m.p.h. over the Flying Kilometre course. This broke Campbell's record set 43 years previously.

Robert Horne set an Flying Mile record on April 27, 1977, at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, in the ex-Scuderia Montjuich Ferrari 512M, chassis number 1002, at a speed of 191.64 m.p.h.

The electric land speed record is currently held by Nemesis reaching an average speed of 151mph in September 2012 as detailed below, but is not mentioned here in the context of an outright BLSR, more because an electric car is likely to raise the present record of 207 mph in the not too distant future.



Nick Ponting photo portrait


BBC NEWS 27 September 2012


A battery-powered car has broken the UK land-speed record for electric vehicles at Elvington airfield near York, its makers have said.

The Nemesis, a heavily-modified Lotus Exige which was originally bought off eBay, clocked an average speed of 151.6mph (244km/h). The car was designed and built by a team of British motorsport engineers in Norfolk, and driven by estate agent Nick Ponting, 21, from Gloucestershire.

The old record was 137mph (220km/h). The vehicle clocked 151.607mph during two runs along the mile-long course.


Nick Ponting and Dale Vince, the Ecotricity Nemesis, electric Lotus



During an earlier attempt it managed an average speed of 148.419mph. Mr Ponting said: "It was brilliant. The car felt really good. The conditions were perfect.  "We've smashed the record and then gone and done a second run and done it again. "The acceleration is phenomenal. It gets to the top speed very quickly."

The car runs on green electricity which has been generated by wind turbines, run by the Stroud-based company Ecotricity. Dale Vince from Ecotricity said: "We built the Nemesis to smash the stereotype of electric cars as something Noddy would drive - slow, boring, not cool."

The previous record had been held by Don Wales, the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell. An attempt by Mr Wales's son, Joe Wales, to beat the record in Bluebird Electric last year, was thwarted after the vehicle's suspension was damaged by a pothole at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire.

The record still needs to be ratified by the Motor Sports Association before the record can be officially declared.


It is the brainchild of Dale Vince, founder of green electricity company Ecotricity, of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Now called 'the Nemesis', the car was originally a second-hand Lotus Exige which was bought on eBay for £10,000. Another £750,000 was spent modifying the car over a two-and-a-half year period with the aim of changing the image of electric vehicles.





BBC NEWS 6 September 2012


A battery-powered car will attempt to beat the UK land-speed record for electric vehicles later this month. Nemesis, a heavily-modified Lotus Exige body, will be driven by estate agent Nick Ponting, 21, from Gloucester. Nick was born in Cheltenham, lives in Gloucester and works for an estate agent in Stroud. He is 21-years-old.

Dale Vince said he had built the car to "smash the stereotype of electric cars as something Noddy would drive - slow, boring, not cool".  

The record attempt is due to be made at Elvington Airfield, near York, on 27 September. Nemesis was designed and built in under two years by a team of British motorsport engineers in Norfolk. 

It can travel from 100-150 miles between charges, depending on driving style, and can be charged from empty in about 30 minutes using a rapid-charger. The team believes theoretically the motors are capable of about 200mph but "real world" constraints like aerodynamic lift have to be addressed before the attempt.



Mr Vince, who runs the electricity company Ecotricity, said he was quietly confident the team would break the record. The current record of 137mph (220km/h) was set by Don Wales, from Addlestone, Surrey, in 2000. A separate attempt to beat the record last August was thwarted after the vehicle's suspension was damaged by a pothole. 

The Bluebird Electric was being driven along Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire by Mr Wales's son Joe, who suffered mild whiplash as a result. 





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Elvington Airfield

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Speedace Blueplanet_Ecostar British and Wolrd electric land speed record car

Daily Mail new British electric land speed record beats Malcolm Cambell's grandson




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