There are a lot of aircraft around using the name 'Bluebird' or 'Blue Bird' in one form or another. Here are a few examples and fine looking craft they are too.







Club Chairman Terry Antel found a 100” (2540mm) span electric assisted glider that is completely built. It’s called "The BlueBird”. If you want one contact a committee member using the links below and you’ll be added to the purchase list. They need a £20 deposit. The club has to buy the models to get the £70 price. 


J Perkins distributes the BLUEBIRD glider seen on this page. It’s a R/E electric assist thermal glider. It comes with all parts completely finished, this includes elevator hinging done and fixed, along with the clevises. It requires 2 standard size servos, a 7 or 8 cell NiCad pack of 2000 to 2500mah and of course a receiver. The motor, prop and prop adaptor are supplied and already fitted. 

The kit (if that’s what you call it) suggests a 6 cell pack. Presumably when tested, with such a pack she would not gain sufficient height, particularly on a public site like Stanpit. 

Terry Antel first of all tried a 4/5th Sub C, 8 cell pack of 1600mah. A rather steep climb was accomplished! Then Terry tried a standard 7 cell sub C pack. Still a good climb rate. Then to reduce weight far as possible, he bought a 7 cell 4/5th Sub C battery pack from Channel 4 Models. A 1700mah pack, but the weight (and size) was reduced (2 1/2oz less than a standard Sub C pack). 




Just fit 2 standard size servos, hook up to the already installed push rods and she’s ready. You also need to glue the two halves of the V tail together then fix with the 2 bolts supplied. 

The dihedral looked too little and proved to be right. The turn rate was too sluggish, making the landing a little uncomfortable. The wing had 4” under one wing tip with the other one laying flat on the ground. Terry made up another wing joiner, with 6” under one wing which gave an improvement, but still not wonderful results. So he again bent the joiner, this time having 8” under one wing. The results were marvellous, giving much more control and she makes lovely thermal type turns. 

With a one minute climb, using the motor at max throttle, she’ll glide for around 6 minutes in still air. Use your skill to increase this.

Why did Terry go to all this trouble? Well, as you should be aware, the Club run an Electric Thermal contest throughout the summer months. Allowing ANY model means a fat cheque book will give the best chance of winning under the current rules. The committee have thought about this, long and hard and decided that if everybody used one model, one motor and one battery pack it would put us all on level ground. Also, if a few of the same model were flown, say 4 or 5 launching together this would allow those taking part to be in the same parcel of air at the same time.

If everyone launched and climbed for a minute, they could then use their skills to stay aloft for up to 10 minutes. This would give something to aim for WITHOUT making it a landing contest. The 10 mins to include the 1 min climb out. The second flight score to be added to the first. Should more than 5 wish to take part on an evening then a second set of members would fly (as above). All scores are noted and carried forward. If two groups fly, then a fly off between the round winners would take place to find the actual winner on the night. All flights to use the same battery with NO recharging.




Terry Antel, Bluebird glider test pilot

The contest is to take place every 2 weeks from May to August. But not on a Friday evening, this will be for the Gliders contest/sport flying. That seems to be sorted. We hope it all works out. 

And now for the best bit. The recommended price for this kit is £89.99 (Sussex Model Centre sell it at this price). Channel 4 retail it for £79.99. Terry had a word with the proprietors at Channel 4. Providing the Club order 5 or more kits then C4 wil discount each model to £70. This includes motor and an 8 x 4.5” prop which is already fitted. The 7 cell 4/5th Sub C battery costs £19.99. A standard 7 cell sub C pack may be used. The power will be the same; however, the wing loading will be increased.





The Blue Bird is suitable for beginners and intermediate pilots. Like the Seagull 2200, it comes with ready fitted electric flight motor with folding prop and spinner.

Pushrods, control surfaces, control horns and servo trays are all factory fitted! You also get finished and covered 2 panel plug-in wings. The super strong blow-moulded polypropylene fuselage is virtually indestructible!

No building, no sanding, no painting, no gluing and no covering is required. Around 15 minutes flight times.


Motor - speed 540 type turbo-fan
Wingspan -100ins. (2.5mt)
Wing area - 604 sq.ins (
Weight - approx. 50.8 oz. (1440g)
Suits - 3 ch. R/C elevator, rudder & motor control
Length - 40.6ins (103cm)
Battery - 7.2-8.4v 1500-3000mah








Blue Bird Balsa & Plywood Electric Powered (EP) Transparent covering plane KIT (TWGE020)

It is constructed from Balsa and Plywood and has a distinctive beautiful Blue SEE THROUGH covering that gives a unique flying experience. 

Owing to the aircraft’s light weight, high wing configuration, low wing loading and considerable higher power to weight ratio, the hand launched sailplane handles very well on take offs, in flight and landings therefore eliminating the need for a landing gear.

The package comes with colorful decals to add more beauty to the aircraft.

Key Features:

1. KIT
2. Hand launched easy to fly Parkflyer
3. Electric powered (EP)
4. Balsa and plywood construction







This is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly sports plane for intermediate modelers. All-balsa wood construction, no foam parts! Pre-covered. The inside of the fuselage can be accessed through the large plastic cowling.

The Avaiator Pro is an improved version of their Bluebird aerobatic trainers. The Aviator Pro replaced the plastic engine cover with a fiberglass cowling for improved durability. They added a fuselage hatch for easy access of LiPO battery and other electronics. We also added wheel pants for a more scale appearance.

The Aviator Pro Trainer has six versions: Red .25-size class airplane, Blue .25-size class airplane, Red .40-size class airplane, Blue .40-size class airplane, Red .60-size class airplane and Blue .60-size class airplane.

Covering Material: Topflite Monokote





  .25-Size .40-Size .60-Size
Wing Span 51.5 in 68.5 in 76.8 in
Wing Area 370 sq in 610 sq in 775 sq in
Length 33.5 in 48 in 53 in
Flying Weight 3.5 lbs 5.5--6.5 lbs 6.6 lbs











Bluebird recharging system concept Formula E racing car Bluebird instant pit stop recharging system, Formula E concept design
Formula E instant refuelling system concept Bluebird patent design


The world's fastest electric circuit racers need the world's fastest system to recharge their batteries instantly during pit stops. The Formula E concept design above incorporates the patent Bluebird™ instant energy transfer system - allowing EV refuelling in around 10 seconds and a battery size of 246 liters - enough for 80kW/hrs of energy. Get your free developer License from Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd today. 





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