Formed in 1938, the SCTA is comprised of member clubs.   Each club is responsible for providing the volunteer labor needed to organize and hold racing events.


Competitors must be club members in order to earn points and set records at a dry lakes event.  In turn, the points earned by each competitor is credited to the club and the clubs compete against each other for top points each season.


Each club has different criteria for membership - so call the club president for membership info. The clubs are listed below with a name and a telephone number for the person responsible for interviewing prospective members.  At this time, there are 12 member clubs holding meetings monthly in many Southern California locations.   Some clubs have web sites.




LA Roadster Show  (06/16/03) - .html File

Dry Lakes Hall of Fame inductees  (06/04/03) - .html File

200mph Club Party at MOON  (05/31/03) - .html File

Racing Tire Information submitted by Earl Wooden  (05/15/03) - .html File

Save the Salt Update  (05/15/03) - Text File    Spreadsheet

Save the Salt Update  (04/13/03) - Word File    Text File

Clem TeBow  1923 - 2003  (04/12/03) - Text File

Fred Larsen  1922 - 2003:  Service (04/27/03) - .html File

World Record for Rick and Don Vesco,  (03/25/03) - Text File

Save the Salt Update (03/10/03) - Text File

Save the Salt Update (02/25/03) - Text File    Word File

Email from Cris Shearer to Glen Barrett - Report

Save the Salt Update (01/30/03)  -  Text File      Spreadsheet

2002 SCTA Awards Banquet (01/18/03)  -  Photo Page

Salt Lake Meteorites, submitted by Cris Shearer  -  Word File 01/11/03

Bob Higbee (01/06/03) -  Services and Tributes

Save the Salt Update (12/26/02) - Salt Laydown Continuation

Don Vesco  (12/18/02) - Services     

Helmet Issue submitted by Dale Martin (Word File 12/09/02)

Jim Fueling (10/12/02)  - Text_File

Roy Fjastad Condition Update (12/12/02)  - Report_Update     

Salt Laydown Update (11/27/02) - Report Update

Nolan White Investigation Summary (Word File 11/04/02)

Fake Timing Tags being sold on e-Bay - Timing Tag Alert

Save the Salt Update (11/04/02) - Salt Laydown Continuation

Save the Salt Update (10/25/02) - Geologist Report

Save the Salt Article (10/23/02) - Money raised at World Finals

USFRA Newsletter - Issue 6, May 01, 2002 (.pdf)  

Utah Salt Flats  - Salt Flats More Complex Than They Look

Special Bulletin - New Rule Changes as of  01 Jun 02



300mph Chapter - 2003


Art Arfons

Bob Beatty

Craig Breedlove

Donald Campbell

Malcolm Campbell

Dave Campos

Don Carr

David Casteel

Casey M. Clark

John Cobb

Jack Costella

Fred Dannenfelzer

Les Davenport

Dave Dozier

Chauvin Emmons Jr.

Capt. GET Eyston

Jim Feuling

George Fields

Gary Gabelich

Tom Green

Andy Green

Tanis Hammond

Bob Herda

Chris Hill

Harry Hoffman Jr.

Jim Howe

Mark Johnson

Tricia Kisner

Joe Kugel

Fred Larsen

Joe Law

Ron Main

Tim Markley

Bob McGrath

Mike Nish

Terry Nish

T.J. Nish

Richard Noble

Jeff Nish

Bob Noice

Dr. Nathan Ostich

Jeannie Pflum

Pete Prentice

Tim Schulz

Dave Spangler

Bob Summers

Al Teague

Richard Thomason

Mickey Thompson

Ed Tradup

Don Vesco

Nolan White

Rick White

Jim Wysong



Want to become an SCTA member


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You could become an Associate Member!

Just contact the SCTA Office, or download the application and  mail or fax us the completed form  with $50 to:


SCTA, PO Box 10, Orosi, Ca. 93647


You will receive a subscription to the SCTA Racing News, an SCTA T-shirt, a membership card and the latest rule book.





Contact the general SCTA - BNI questions or about their services at .   Please be sure to provide them with your contact information.

Got a technical question or just need some information on classes or rules?  


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Questions about products, orders or merchandise information:  sales@scta-bni.or


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The Land Speed Record, Behind The Glory, book, by Nelson Kruschandl






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