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BMS Ltd is firstly a think tank, and secondly offers consultancy services on a range of issues, mainly to do with sustainable transport. In connection with ideas coming from our primary function, BMS has become an IP development company. We currently have two leading edge engineering projects in the pipeline - road transport and marine transport seen below. We are also promoting the Cannonball International zero emission Runs, a series of events designed to accelerate zero emission vehicles and sustainable future transport, for better air quality, with a view to reversing climate change. The 2014 UN's environment agency report is 95% certain that human burning of fossil fuels and deforestation is to blame - but newly, that the technology to change is now in existence. On that we could not agree more, hence our zero emission service station project with both battery and fuel cell technology built in for future proofing. In furtherance of what now appears to be UN objectives, BMS have commissioned the Bluebird World Cup and Blue Riband eco medal, for the winners of what we hope may become an annual series of rallies - as a tangible indicator of the current state of play of ZEV road cars. The eco medal will also extend to other outstanding achievements, including eco marine projects.


Bluebird instant electric vehicle recharging system - Ecostar DC50 kW direct current special


Patent application in progress for lodging as a New Year project in 2015

Bluebird yacht - Trimaran SWASH - zero carbon sailing boat


Patent progressed to substantive examination stage 31st December 2014


2015 - The Ecostar DC50 is designed to cruise at 60mph with 200 plus miles of clean motoring between instant recharging from an onboard energy exchange system, also able to swap between battery and fuel cell cartridges at the flick of a switch. The car is ideal for the Cannonball Jogle run - mostly requiring an average speed of 50 mph as the prelude to Euro-Stations



2015 - A bold, versatile design. This is the start of a shift to cleaner more intelligent ocean transport. Our pioneering research is helping to lay the foundations for sustainable merchant & military fleets, cruise liners and plastic ocean cleaning ships of the future. Note: This legacy site has much unrelated content that we are contractually obliged to maintain.



Bluebird Marine Systems Ltd - World Cup Trophy        Blue Riband Eco Medal




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 Robotic solar powered endurance vessels    







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